Business Studies

The aim of this group was to develop a PLG of Business Studies teachers to deepen their knowledge and understanding of The New Zealand Curriculum related to
Business studies and can plan programmes, units of work that show the principles, values, and key competencies,teaching and learning guides, achievement standards, conditions of assessment and clarification of standards.

The teachers in this group are sharing their undertanding and resources to the wider community. It is up to teachers to modify the units of learning to suit their students. Some programmes are based on topics and others on the business studies themes. For ease of sharing the units are in order of achievement standard. It was the understanding and thinking at a point of time. Next steps are to develop conceptual understanding, teaching as inquiry and developing the key competencies. Next stage of thinking is to look at indicators for the principles to reflect learning to go beyond behaviour.


Matrix for values

What the values could look like

Programme for workshop 22nd Nov

Level 1

Internal features 1.1

External factors 1.2

Operational problem(s) 1.3

Marketing mix 1.4

Human resources 1.5

Product-based business activity 1.6

Level 2

Internal operations 2.1

External factors 2.2

Problems 2.3

Market research 2.4

Motivational theory 2.5

Business activity 2.6