At present the Achievement Objectives are:

=Level 6
=Social Organisation

  • how and why people organise themselves to review systems and institutions in society;
  • the effects of changes in society on peoples's rights, roles, and responsibilities.

Culture and Heritage
  • how and why cultures adapt and change;
  • how people respond to diversity of cultures and heritages, and the consequences of such responses.

Place and Environment
  • the implications of changes to places, for people and for the environment;
  • how people's perceptions of places and environments are reinforced or changes by information or

*Time, Continuity, and Change
  • beliefs and ideas that have changes society and continue to change it;
  • how people find out about the past and how records of the past reflect particular experiences and point
of view.

Resources and Economic Activities**
  • how and why individuals and organisations gain access to the resources of nations other than their own,
and the consequences of this;
  • how and why people's particpation in economic activities has changes, and the consequences of this.